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Geomembrane liners are used extensively throughout the mining industry as a secure impermeable flexible barrier to prevent contamination of the soil, groundwater and environment during varied mining and processing operations.

East Coast Poly specialises in the supply and installation of HDPE liners used in the mining industry for heap leach pads, tailings dams and Effluent.


A Liner is a critical element for the environmental protection and the functioning of a landfill containment. The primary liner function is the containment of hazardous leachate and the protection of valuable ground water resources. A leak detection system can be installed to ensure the integrity of the primary liner on a continuous basis.

Polyethylene geomembranes, resistant to most wastes, is used as an impermeable, flexible barrier to prevent interaction of landfill moisture with contaminated wastes to form leachate which could have unwanted variable characteristics. Leachate generation is a direct result of precipitation. A geomembrane cover to seal off the completed landfill cell serves to contain harmful methane gas which is a product of waste decomposition. Once contained, the gas can be collected for regeneration or flaring.

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